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Ibex of the rocks

Ibex on rock 29.5X39.5 cm
Ibex on rock 29.5X39.5 cm


This Ibex was from the beautiful park surrounding the grave of David Ben Gurion, in southern Israel. The park is full of these young sprightly animals. This particular one was looking out at us, making sure we weren’t any threat. He stood there on the rock with all the grace of a young prince, examining his new kingdom, and proud to be alive.

I started the painting by lightly putting in shades for the Ibex and its surrounding trees, like this:

Ibex 1

I added detail, layer after layer, putting the details of its face, some yellow washes…

Ibex 2

Working on more detail, and putting over it some more light washes to bring the image together, it turned this way:

Ibex on rock

Lost boat on Mediterranean beach

Lonely boat on Mediterranean beach
Lonely boat on Mediterranean beach. 18X24 cm

It was a beautiful day, as I tried to find my way to the Haifa institute of marine biology. I walked along the beach, and gulped in the invigorating sea air. This beach had about it a Mediterranean beauty, untarnished by much human presence. I came across a boat sank in the sands, as if forgotten. Who left it there?

Alpaca farm

alpaca farm
alpaca farm

Alpaca is gentle animal, related to the camel, that originally comes from South America. Here I painted the alpaca farm in southern Israel. These animals adapt well to the Israeli desert. They eat hay, and their thick woolen coats are spun into soft and warm wool, out of which scarves and sweaters are made.

I tried to capture the serenity of a desert evening. The alpacas enjoying their evening hay, solemnly paying homage to the dying day. The wide expanse of desert, with its rolling hills fading out into distance, and the little farm bringing a sense of home and protection amidst the sweeping infinity.

This is an 18X24 cm watercolor painting.

Acacia trees in the desert

Acacia trees
Acacia trees

Acacia trees flourish in the desert climate of southern Israel.  They are mentioned multiple times in the bible, as the major building material for the tabernacle.  While traveling in the Negev (southern Israel), I came across four acacia trees on a hill, standing neatly in a row. They grew crookedly, probably because of the desert wind that kept blowing.

This painting is 14.5 X 21 cm , painted quickly from a photograph. I like the way it came out, without much working into and blending of colors. It maintains a simplicity and brilliance.