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Since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing. When I would come home from elementary school and my mother would sit me at a table to do homework, I would draw. In middle school, when I would find myself in class, expected to take notes, I would draw all over my notebook. I would even catch myself making little drawings while being examined, right on the test paper. Then in high school I discovered watercolors, and my yearning to master this technique was born.

I love the way the water flows, and the sheen of it when it is wet. I love observing the diffusion of pigment, and the capillary effect as fluid is absorbed through the paper, spreading out. Watercolors are challenging, but ever fascinating. When well mastered, this medium can give simple images the charm and vitality of water.

I like to paint things that catch my eye and make me pause to admire them. I live in Israel and enjoy the bright sunshine and abundance of flowers, the Mediterranean sea, and the desert hills. Sometimes I look inward and am inspired by imagination and the inner worlds.

Though a scientist by training, I hope by this website to present my journey after the ever elusive perfection of artistic expression.

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