Entranced by Jerusalem

I was in Jerusalem, and took my outdoor-painting gear with me to the old city. I found a comfortable bench to sit on and started painting what I saw. I had meant to take photos of my painting as it progressed, but I forgot, painting completely absorbed me. I sat in a very touristy area, and there were people about, but they generally respected my privacy and left me alone. Children however are different, and are less hindered by social restraints. There were three little children, maybe between 5 and 8 years old, who came and sat by me, watching me paint, and not uttering a word. They watched until their mother called them away. They lit my imagination though, I think three bright-eyed children watching someone intent on their work can make an interesting painting…

This painting didn’t feel too difficult. It is hard to do too badly with a view of Jerusalem and with people watching it.

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