African violets with DIY painting set

I had received some new watercolor paints that came in tubes. I didn’t have pans to put the paint in, and so decided to make my own watercolor box with paint pans.  I took a plastic box and glued inside it caps from empty water bottles, and filled the caps with the new paint. For a color mixing palette I cut out the bottom of an empty water bottle. This worked so well as a color mixing palette, that I made myself a few more.

With my new watercolor set, I went forth to paint a pot of African violets that my mother had given me. It started like this:

But it looked too simple, and so I added some dark accents:

It looked too childish, and I was losing patience, and so I took my big brush, soaked it in water and pigments, and just let go, adding wet paint generously and carelessly, soaking up the paper, until it looked  like this:

I thought it good enough, and let it be. 

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