Mother Nature

I was in an exhibition of living statues, where people dressed up in different manners and posed as statues.  This painting was inspired by one of the living statues, a woman who sat amidst what looked like rocks made of paper. I liked her pose and calm demeanor.

I had enjoyed the freedom of the abstract painting I had previously done, where I just let my hand roam freely on the paper, making random designs. I wanted to do something free like that again,  but to combine the abstract lines with a clearer subject from reality. So I took a black pen and drew the lines needed to describe that woman posing as a living statue. I then continued in wavy lines, covering the rest of the paper with the whims of my hand.  Next, I opened my box of watercolors and had fun applying bright colors to the drawing.

My intention was to have the figure blend seamlessly with the rest of the drawing, making her part of the abstract shapes around her. The result looks to me like some sort of goddess of the earth — mother nature. She is not a figure situated in a landscape, she is the landscape itself. And while she is very powerful, it is not a masculine power, but a feminine one, very earth, slow, and gentle. 


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