Gateway to Paradise

Gateway to paradise 29.5X39.5 cm
Gateway to paradise
29.5X39.5 cm


It is Friday, I sit at my desk after being bedridden for a week because of a flu. I have the Requiem of Faure playing on my computer, and I put in the yellow of the rainbow. I sit calmly waiting for the paint to dry, and listen to this heavenly notes. I put in the red of the rainbow and wait. Next comes the green, and finally the purple. I have a white page with only a bright rainbow in it. I pick up my big brush for Chinese calligraphy, it can hold a lot of water, and I wet the whole sky, careful to stay clear of the rainbow. I add yellow here and there, then wait for it to dry.

I sit cross legged at my desk listening to the doleful sounds of Faure’s Requiem, something about the lord of the Sabbath. It is Friday the world is preparing for the Sabbath. I look out the window and admire the raindrops on the plants, it is after a big rain. The sky on my painting has finally dried, and I wet it again, and add a luminous red wash. I want this sky to glow. When the red is dry I cover it in a layer of ultramarine blue. I wait for that to dry too. Hopefully these colorful washes will shine through the final painting and give the sky some of that glowering majesty.

Gateway to heaven 1

I remember when I had seen this rainbow. Even though it hadn’t been a full arch, it had such a commanding presence. It had been thick, and had glowed with such a light, it  had been like a glimpse of another world. I had jumped into the street, fascinated, and had taken a quick photo. I had taken another deep look and another deep breath, soaking in the majesty of the scene, trying to imprint as much as possible on my memory.

I mix darker greys on my palate, and apply it to the sky, and to the land bellow. My idea was to darken the whole painting, so as to bring out the brilliance of the rainbow, and magnify its presence. I continue working on the land, a place I love, bringing out the street and the trees. At last I put down my brushes, prop the painting against the wall, and look at it.

Gateway to heaven 2


The Technion, where the scene of this painting is taken from, is a place full of dreams. And this rainbow to me looks like the physical gateway into dreamland. But after listening all the to the Requiem of Faure, I would say it looks like the gateway to paradise.


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